11 Best Fantasy YA Series

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For magic-loving teens and pre-teens who are ready to be swept up into another world

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There’s nothing quite like fantasy.

Contemporary, mystery, thriller, drama — they’re all amazing in their own, unique ways, but there’s just something about magic and adventure that has an almost bewitching appeal, especially to older kids.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the eleven best fantasy YA series, ranked from youngest to oldest, so you(or a loved one) can devour one sequel after another.


Unwanteds, a series of seven, follows two twins, Alex and Aaron, fighting on opposite sides of a war — a battle between two societies: one bound to rules and dull obedience, and another, blooming with creativity and magic.

The series is quite good, and while may be slightly cliche to some older readers, is an enjoyable read full of adventure and magic. I would recommend the series to readers 9–12.

Land of Stories

This series of six is so good you’ll be falling through the pages — literally. Watch as fairy tales come to life before your eyes as twins Alex(another twin named Alex, except this time she’s a girl!) and Conner discover a magical world of classic fairy tales.

While this new world is full of amazing wonders and breathtaking sights, the twins will soon encounter a problem that’ll have them chasing and scheming for the rest of the book — how do they get back home?

The reading level for these books are about the same from the above series, with a larger range of around 7–14.

The Adventurers Guild

While this trilogy isn’t quite as mainstream as some others on this list, this smart, fast-paced, magic-filled, adventurous joy of a book still deserves it’s rightful spot.

In a world overrun by monsters, Freestone is one of the last cities standing — and it’s Adventurer’s Guild protects the city from the dangerous perils that surround it. Zed and Brock, two best friends, never expected to be sent to the guild, however, when they are, they unravel a dangerous conspiracy they must work hard to defeat.



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