13 Cool Non-Digital Hobbies For You

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13 min readApr 19, 2022

Passions that don’t involve hours and hours on a screen — so you can get a digital detox while learning new skills

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While our world sprints on and on faster than we can keep up, there’s still some things we can do to keep moving forward — like learning a new skill. In this day and age, a lot of our hobbies and passions are digital-based, along with many of our jobs and communication networks. These include photo manipulation, digital art, UI/UX design, data analysis, coding and game development, graphic design, blog writing — the list goes on and on.

Sometimes, though, we want to take a break from the digital world, learn something that requires our body to move more than just dragging around a mouse or typing on a keyboard. If you want to find a skill that will hopefully get you off your screen while doing something cool and productive — you might find some value from this article.

A male magician in a yellow vest holds a ripped card in his left hand, his right hiding the torn-off corner.
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Card Magic

Do you have an old deck of playing cards laying around? Maybe you got them when you were a kid, or maybe they’re you’re kids abandoned Christmas gift from seven years ago. Either way, you might want to put this deck to use.

If you’ve seen magic Youtube videos or watched something like America’s Got Talent, you’ve probably seen some pretty insane card tricks. Card magic is something that’s seems nearly impossible, but is deceptively easy and simple to learn — at least, in the beginning. It’s a great hobby to get into, as there’s hundreds of tricks you can learn, hundreds of card decks you can collect, and thousands of people you can impress.

Some great YouTube channels you can turn to to learn your first few tricks are A Million Card Tricks, Milson Productions, and even Chris Ramsay. Learning card magic is rewarding, but it can also be frustrating. My advice? — Take breaks. If you try to learn every single card trick in just one session, you’re going to hate card magic. Set a pace for yourself(e.g., one trick a week) and slowly build up your card magic knowledge.

Another branch of card tricks is cardistry, which Chris Ramsay also has many tutorials…

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