5 Creative Activities To Do With Friends And Family

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5 min readMay 20, 2022

If you have some time on your hands and want to bond with each other…

A small girl paints a cardboard house window, her dad inside the structure as she paints.
Photo by Tatiana Syrikova

Unwinding by yourself can be fun and relaxing — but what about when you have friends over, or want to hang out with your kids or nieces/nephews?

Sometimes, it can be seem tempting to just put on some TV and all mindlessly watch a moving screen instead of actually doing something. However, organizing an activity doesn’t have to be grueling and tedious — it can be fun!

Here are 5 activities to stimulate you and the people around you’s minds, and bring some creativity to the party!

Make An iMovie Trailer

This is a great activity for both smaller kids and full-grown adults, and is perfect if you have some(wannabe) photographers or filmmakers in your group! This activity can be both fun and creative, but also educational, leaving you all with new skills and talents.

To get started, choose whether you want to use a mobile device or your computer to run iMovie. The PC version is more powerful, but less handy, especially if you don’t want to take your footage on the computer(a hassle) or on a external mobile device(also a hassle).

After opening up iMovie, you can either use a trailer template, or open up a blank iMovie project. The first is more structured and probably better for beginners and smaller children, and the second option is more flexible and gives you more creative license — for those more experienced and skilled.

Come up with an idea, sketch out a loose shot map, and start shooting! Play around with different angles and events, and don’t be afraid to record multiple takes. It’s best to have one or two ‘directors’(parents/older siblings) and some actors(younger children) to make sure everything is flowing smoothly.

Use your creativity and filmmaking skills to record and put together an amazing, riveting, iMovie trailer!

Do Some Crafts

Crafts may seem little-kiddy, and it’s true, it’s a great activity to do with the younger ones. Art is for all types of people and age ranges though — even if you and your friends are in your late fifties.

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