7 Writing Exercises To Kick Start Your Writing

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8 min readJun 24, 2022

So you can brainstorm ideas, even when your inspiration has run dry

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Writing fiction is one of the most rewarding, entertaining, creative, and fulfilling things you can do — but sometimes it’s hard to get the ball rolling.

A lot of the times, we want to write a cool story, novel, or even a whole saga, but there’s no amazing, magical ideas zapping our minds at that very moment.

So what do we do? Wait around and give up until a miracle hits us out of nowhere? Well, you can, but a better thing to do is take a more active approach, and really think up an idea. Get those pesky little premises to come to you, not make you wait around for them.

Here are 7 helpful writing exercises to help that brainstorming process in your mind, and get the ideas flowing so you can write your amazing story right away.

Write A Story From A Picture

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘A picture tells a thousand words’ at least a few times in your life — but what if you put this old phrase to the test?

One of the best ways to get your ideas flowing is to get inspired, and what’s better inspiration than an image? Scroll through something like Pinterest or Unsplash for an intriguing photo that gets you thinking a little bit, or even ask a friend for a random image.

Then, write something off that image! It may seem foolish at time, especially if you’re writing a story about say, spinach, but you’ll be surprised about where it can lead you.

Start off describing the picture. Thinking back to the spinach example, I described the spinach all tightly packed into the clear plastic wrapping. This’ll help you discover the style and tone of your story.

Then, start to introduce other elements into the story besides things just in the image. It might seem a little bit weird and abrupt at first, but remember — you can always go back and edit your story, making the transition between description and story smoother.

If you’re still a little skeptical, here’s a real life example: After writing that spinach-inspired story from a random veggie image my friend texted me, I had an over-1,000 word piece about an abused child…



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