9 Notion Must-Haves: What You Need In Your Notion

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8 min readDec 24, 2022

Nine things your Notion should have to maximize your time and facilitate your productivity + links to dozens of templates

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Notion is a powerful, versatile software that can organize your life into a manageable workspace that allows you to see all of your ideas, tasks, and thoughts in one place.

You can truly create anything you think of with Notion.

The large Notion community, which is constantly creating new and innovative third-party apps to streamline and add to your Notion experience, is also a valuable asset.

With so many tools and features, however, the choices of what to create can seem limitless — and in turn, overwhelming.

When you’re first starting out, it can be hard to know what to create and add to your Notion.

In this article, I’ll give you nine different things to start including in your Notion that will give you a great starting point for using Notion to improve and streamline your life.

You can choose to create these pages from scratch or use the hundreds of thousands of pre-made templates created by both Notion and Notion users.


Starting off simple, having a dashboard or home page is vital in Notion, especially when you start to create dozens of pages that all need to be linked and organized somewhere.

Having a place to center yourself and get an overall view of everything in your Notion, as well as a bunch of links to your other pages, is a must-have for staying neat and organized.

In your dashboard, you should have a page/navigation bar with links to all of your main pages(you don’t need to include all your sub-pages if there are too many), as well as some widgets that give general information like time and weather.

Feel free to customize and spruce up your dashboard to make it feel like ‘home’ — it’s like placing furniture and decorations in your living room or bed room.

As for dashboard templates, Notion has a default but sort of boring personal home template, but there’s also Michelle Kanemitsu’s dashboard template, this very simple and minimalistic template, and the popular ‘deborah’s world’



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