Helpful Resources To Help You Finish Your Novel

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4 min readJun 10, 2022

From valuable information to amazing software tools — the ultimate list of resources for authors

As writers, we have a lot on our plate — everything from building our worlds and characters to organizing our subplots, from mastering symbolism to getting rid of purple prose.

However, when it comes to helpful resources and information banks — we’re not alone. Here are some of the best tools to help you be the best writer you can be.

Informational Resources

Writing is full of different mechanisms and hidden ‘rules’, and, especially when you’re just starting out, it’s helpful to have a ‘mentor’ to guide you through the complicated in’s and out’s of crafting stories. Here are some great informational resources to help you on your writing journey.

Reedsy Blog

Reedsy is a popular marketplace for authors, selling things such as cover design and editing. However, it’s not just a great place to find quality freelancers — their free blog is also full of helpful articles explaining everything from what makes a great story to how to self-publish your hardcover book on Amazon KDP.

Abbie Emmons on YouTube

Abbie Emmons is a YouTube author who produces a lot of great videos explaining different aspects of the writing process. Her channel especially focuses on how to develop characters, build plot, and make your story mean something to the readers. She also has a blog with similar content, and has published a novel.

Writing Softwares

While Google Docs and Microsoft Word can get the job done — you might want a writing software a little bit more tailored to your writing needs. Here are three tools — both paid and free — to help you write your best work.


If you’ve hung out in the writing world for a little bit, you’ve probably heard of the extremely popular software Scrivener. Scrivener is a paid software download with a big emphasis on planning and organization — so if you’re an author who appreciates having many tools to plan and see your story, Scrivener may be a good fit for you.

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