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5 min readAug 9, 2022

Even if you’re uninspired and don’t feel like writing a single word

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Every writer, whether on Medium or not, has been uninspired, lost, and just not in the mood to write or publish anything.

Even the most creative author in the world isn’t loving writing 100% of the time, and that’s okay.

Being creative is a descriptive word, but ‘creativity’ is a state — a state you can’t expect to always be in.

But what about those times where you need to create something, publish on a certain date or revitalize a dying blog? What can you do when you’re uninspired and unwilling, but there is still an external force forcing you to write?

Focus On Your Starting Point

Sometimes, taking the time to look back instead of forward is helpful in grounding yourself, and getting back on track to your actual destination, cutting through all the potentially irrelevant fluff you’ve collected over time.

Try to think back to why you started writing in the first place, and initial goals you set out with. Did you want to inspire others with personal stories from around the world, giving them a burst of bravery with vivid prose and epic storytelling?

Or were you starting out with the goal of teaching others about your own unique culture’s food and culinary cuisine, giving them a taste of your home land?

Try looking back on your old articles and reflect on what they were about, and compare them to the articles you’re currently writing about.

Of course, your blog and yourself are going to change over time, as your hobbies and interests grow and shrink, and your life changes. For example, my own blog started out with just helping people write, but it’s now expanded to blogging, productivity, and even keyboards.

However, if you’re low on inspiration and need a new perspective, sometimes a past perspective might just be the refresh you need to keep creating great content.

Write What You’re Inspired About

Almost the opposite of the above approach, instead of looking back, look at the present. Ask yourself what makes you smile or enter a…

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