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9 Ways To Be Satisfied With Your Day

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We all want to have long, happy, fulfilling days that make us excited to wake up every morning and satisfied when we go to sleep at night. However, many times it’s hard to feel content when we try to fall asleep, and we start feeling like we wasted our day, or didn’t get enough done.

Below are 9 methods to help make your day busy but successful, and assure a nice, long happy sleep.

Make A To-Do List

When your head hits the pillow, the lights turn off, and you start to nod off…Wait! You forgot to submit your assignment! Now as you try to get some sleep, you keep remembering that, over and over, recalling all the other things you forgot to do, and before you know it, it’s one A.M and you haven’t gotten a wink of sleep.

This feeling isn’t enjoyable, but we’ve all had at least one form of it. An easy and simple way to counter this is to make a to-do list before you go to bed, so you don’t stress out about remembering anything important.

While a quick type on your phone can be more accessible, especially late at night when it’s charging right next to you and it’s dark, it’s not the best option. I find that writing all the things you want to do the next day down with a pencil and paper, or on a whiteboard, comforts your body as well as your mind. This ensures that when you try to get some sleep, all those loose thoughts and memories will be safely tucked away for tomorrow.

Create Something

When we create something, no matter how small or big it is, we are immediately proud of ourselves. When we go to sleep, we remember that we made something, built something from the ground up that wasn’t there before.

This feeling of satisfaction helps remind ourselves that the day was spent doing something productive. Also, you don’t have to finish it, necessarily. Just starting something, whether it be a writing a short story or working on a sketch, designing a mobile game or composing a poem, it’ll help you be happy with how you spent your time when you’re reflecting on your day.


For many people, exercise is a source of great dread. However, I often find myself feeling guilty for not exercising at all throughout the day. Just a brisk walk around the neighborhood or a quick, ten-minute bike ride, can help with this.

When you go to sleep, instead of thoughts like, ‘I wish I had done something healthier for my body,” you’ll start thinking, “Today, I did something productive and used my time wisely!”

Solve A Problem

Get something done. Take a problem, and solve it. Roll up your sleeves, and crank down on that final video game level, or finish writing that essay. Do something hard that makes you feel fulfilled after it’s done.

The harder it is, the more work you have to put in. The more work you put in, the more productive you’ve been. The more productive you’ve been, the prouder you’ll be of yourself when it’s done.

Set Monthly Goals

Making progress on a project or a goal is a great source of pride and satisfaction. It doesn’t have to be an objective of conquering the world, but it should be a little bit outside your comfort zone, to make you work for it and feel tired but happy when it’s finished.

For example, you could set a monthly(or weekly, or even yearly) goal to write a thirty-paged story. Or, you could start a target to lose a few pounds. For tangible results, start a calendar or chart, and every day you complete your daily goal, check it off. Every night you look at that chart, you can see how far you’ve come.

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Make Other People Happy

Everybody likes to be happy. It’s the great pursuit of human life. One of the most prominent sources of happiness is making other people happy.

When you’re the cause of somebody’s great day, or you make someone laugh or smile, it’s an amazing feeling, that you made a positive impact on somebody else. So go out there. Tell a joke, or help a friend who’s feeling down. Engage in society and make other people’s day.

Even if you just take three minutes to talk someone through a hard time, you’ll both walk away three pounds lighter, and three times happier.

Learn A Skill

Obviously, learning a new skill isn’t just ‘one, two, three, new skill!’ It takes hard work, dedication, grit, and resourcefulness, but that’s what makes it feel so great when you do learn it. Now, you have knowledge and power that you didn’t have before.

You don’t have to learn a new coding language or new career path. It can just be something simple, a small, tiny piece of knowledge you don’t yet have, but want to learn. Maybe you want to learn how to use your new iPad Pro you got for Christmas, or work on writing more descriptively. Whatever it is, you’ll go to sleep feeling accomplished and proud that you gained new knowledge.

Clean Something

Cleaning. Ew. Like exercising, many people despise anything along the lines of cleaning or organizing or tidying up. However, doing this has a very good effect on your sense of accomplishment.

This is because when you clean something, you are physically altering it. Basically, you can see what you’ve done with your own two eyes. You can see the bathroom now clean and shining, you can see the bookshelves all color-coded and organized. This physical and tangible effect is great to have and can be a big boost to your day.

Have Some Down Time

A lot of the above tips were all about being productive. Do things, feel accomplished, make an impact on the world. But life isn’t just about getting things done. It’s about being happy, being glad that you get a chance to live, instead of wishing the day was over with already.

So watch some Netflix. Chow down on popcorn and binge watch YouTube. You don’t have to become a couch potato and do this 24/7, but if you have some down time, some time where you can just relax, you’ll find your mental health in a much better state.

Hopefully, this article helped you learn at least something about how to make your days feel more worthwhile. Through productivity, positive impacts, and making yourself happy, we can each turn a mess of 24 hours into a fulfilling and rewarding day.




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Writing. Technology. Entertainment. And that feeling of jumping from hobby to hobby aimlessly.

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