Is Getting A Kindle E-Reader Worth It?

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6 min readSep 14, 2022

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You’ve probably heard of a Kindle before, and you might even know some people who have one — that cute little tablet you can read books on.

Having a Kindle(All-New/Basic — we’ll talk more about models later)myself, I’ve had plenty of people come by and ask me questions about it while I’m reading: What’s that? Is that an iPad? How does it work? How do you flip the page? How many books are on there?

Here, let me answer those questions, and one more — is it worth it to buy a Kindle?

What is a Kindle?

If you don’t know, a Kindle is an Amazon device slightly larger than a phone but smaller than a tablet. It’s an e-reader, meaning you can read books on it.

How Do You Get Books?

As it’s an Amazon product, the main way of downloading books onto your Kindle is to buy the Kindle version of books on Amazon(you can also subscribe to Kindle Unlimited if you read a lot of eBooks), where it should automatically send to your Kindle library and show up on your connected devices(this includes the app on your phone, tablet, etc.).

You can also get books on your Kindle just like any other e-book — through your library. Apps like Libby(public libraries)and Sora(school libraries) allow you to access your libraries’ e-book catalog with just your library card, and you can connect it to your Amazon account to download books from the library to your Kindle.

What Are The Different Models?

When you start to look into Kindles, you might notice that there are a whole bunch of models and editions, and it can start to get really confusing. Here’s a really basic, simple, stripped-down version of it all:

All-New/Basic - This is the basic, cheapest version of them all, and if a device doesn’t have a model name, this is what you’re getting. It’s a relatively compact device that has the essentials — a book reader, 4GB of storage, and WiFi connectivity(not cellular).

Paperwhite - A step up from the basic, all-new kindle, the Paperwhite is slightly larger, with a more premium look, feel, screen(sharper resolution) and a more…

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