What To Do When You Need A Blog Post

But don’t have time to write one

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Consistency is key if you want to succeed in blogging, especially on a platform like Medium, and hopefully you’ve already developed a steady schedule and deadline to keep consistent.

Yet…sometimes, us writers can’t always follow our deadlines. Things come up, and we just don’t have enough time to write a good blog article to publish that day or the next morning.

So what do you do? Skip it? Pull an all-nighter? Crumple into a ball and sob?

Here are two different things you can do to get around this problem — browse the methods, and choose the one that matches your situation, preferences, and blog.

Method One: Republish an Old Article

This is the hands-off, quick way to get a blog post up and running in a few minutes or less — browse your already published blog posts, and choose one that hasn’t been doing so good when it comes to views and engagement.

Now, go into it, and copy everything. After that — and while this can be scary, you’ve copied it to your clipboard already, remember? — delete the article. Create a new blog post, and copy it back in. Now you have an unpublished duplicate!

The thing is, you can’t just publish an exact, carbon copy of this blog post — your readers aren’t going to like that very much. Spend the extra time to differentiate it a little bit — but you don’t have to go and rewrite the whole thing. Take this opportunity to improve your old article, just really quickly. Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Replace the featured image with something that looks more professional — images are the hook that pulls in readers
  • Improve the subtitle and give it some more keywords for SEO
  • Edit and change some of the body text — use a thesaurus, clean up run-on sentences, etc.

After you’ve changed your article a little bit — you’re done! Hit publish, or ‘Schedule to publish’, and you’re good!

Method Two: Publish An Almost-Finished Draft

While the above method works good, you can’t overuse it — that’s why sometimes, you should go with this method.

In order for this to work, you need to have some drafts that you’ve written already that are sorta finished, but not finished finished. If, as of now, your drafts are blank — just go with the first method.

Keep in mind, though, writing many drafts in your Medium stories and keeping track of new ideas and inspiration is a good habit — when you have no more ideas, you can just use previously written content.

This method works best with lists — for example, Top 10 New York Bakeries or 50 Best Books to Read — and cutting down on it, taking what you already have(e.g., 7/10) and just using that. While this can be painful, watching your Top 10 drift down to Top 6, it’s something that’s necessary if you want to keep up with your schedule and succeed as a blogger.

Here’s some examples of doing this method and shortening/completing blog posts drafts:

  • 37 Coolest Minecraft Build Prompts to 21 Coolest Minecraft Build Prompts
  • 19 Best Print-on-Demand Services to 7 Best Print-on-Demand Services
  • Improve Your Closet: 9 Ways to Improve Your Closet: 3 Ways

When the deadline is looming near and you’re scrambling for something to help you out of this deep, dark hole, it’s easy to feel hopeless and despairing.

But it’s not that hard to dig yourself out of this pit — just use your resources and scrounge around for writing you’ve written previously, and use it to your own advantage.




Writing. Technology. Entertainment. And that feeling of jumping from hobby to hobby aimlessly.

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The Electronic Pen

Writing. Technology. Entertainment. And that feeling of jumping from hobby to hobby aimlessly.

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